Sound treatment

  • deep relaxation and regeneration 
  • strengthening of the immune system and health 
  • inner balance and stability 
  • inspiration and new strength 

The Crystal bowls and Body Tambura give you beneficial and intensive vibrations, which bring your energy system holistically to flow. 

These special Crystal bowls penetrate every cell. The Body Tambura (stringed instrument) creates a room of sound inside. The overtones of the Body Tambura merge with accompanied singing and give you an inspiring experience. 


Offer: 30 min. (35 €)

45 min. (49 €) crystal treatment in Rose quartz 

+ specials: 45 min. crystal treatment; on rock crystal and turmaline or hematite and rose quartz  (10€) additional charge


Turmaline extracts negativity and helps you to overcome blockades more easily and rock crystal  gives more energy and clarity. Hematite extracts wearing energies in the system e.g. in your day to day life, rose quartz offers warmth and love. 



Practical  Meditation 

  • Freedom of stress and pressure
  • Discover your source of energy and learn how to use it
  • Detachedness of disruptive thoughts 
  • Inner peace and serenity

Dive into your inner treasure, your main energy source and your true being and experience the variety of energy, which is available to you if you know the entrance to it and use it. 


In your first lesson you will get a short overview and practice simple instructions. 



Offer: 30 min. (29 €) / 45 min. (39 €) 

+ specials: sound accompaniment (10€) additional charge or 

sound treatment  (+15 min. - 15€)



Ariane-Anagha tastes already since her younger days from her inner source of energy and calls this the true existence and life. To be and to live out of this inner power is true living! Living in deep connection with the energy, which brings most fulfillment, happiness and power, mastering best everything in life, in order to encourage, strengthen and to proceed every singe individual life path. Through this ability, her very fine and intuitive perception, she is able to feel and see exactly what you need individually on your life path in order to live a really good life.