Holistic coaching

100% success "I am in my power"

Find balance and create clarity in your daily life HOW exactly? Exactly how it is right for you!  


Are you balanced and have inner clarity? Then you can live out of your inner power. 

Are there external circumstances which discomfort you and control you? Then you will become a play ball of the powers and conditions which determine your life. 


I will help you to become balanced, to develop inner clarity and to live completely out of your inner power. To that you will go on a journey with me, which you will never regret. 


Attend coaching for: 

  • acting through inner peace and clarity 
  • going the next step in your spiritual development
  • recognizing the basics in life 
  • removing discomfort and resolving blockades 
  • overcoming states like anxiety


Current saving offer:   starter coaching ...read on

 (60 min.  65,-) / (90  min.  79,-)

Individual package offers on request!