Holistic group retreats

"Bring clarity and new power into your life"


Individual topics from group members can be looked at and are examples for coping and resolving  problems. You decide, if you want to share your themes or if you want to learn through the work on the other persons themes. 

This unique experience will be coached by Ariane-Anagha. You will learn directly what your life and everyday life essentially is about and you will learn what you have to do to reach your goals and bring more clarity into your life. 

Exciting and live you will not soon forget this experience. Everybody in the group makes this experience unique and unparalleled. Begin this exciting journey. 


Your chance to:

  • intensify and experience your inner power 
  • resolve problems and see with clarity 
  • improve your own resonance and therefore your quality of life


Dates: besides the listed dates, individually on request! 

Registration necessary, reservation possible!

More details when registered.


03 and 04 November 2018 (from 09.00- ca.12.30 & 14.30-17.00 pm)  current saving offer169,-