Holistic training

"Training towards yourself"          

Understand who you really are, why you exist and why you are here. Learn and understand more about your life and its happenings. If you know how to arouse and strengthen your inner power, your life will be enriched and fulfilled. 

In this training you will learn about yourself more precisely and you will get practical instructions which activate your power and potential as well as "easy applicable" tools for your every day life.


Special features of the holistic training:

  • fundamental and holistic support
  • more time and room for your growth 
  • knowing will be transformed to doing (main focus lies on the practical approach) 
  • training is individually designed
  • 100% success when implementing the training contents

This training does not require a long-term commitment. It is free choosable and bookable per package offer which means, when a package offer ends, you can decide for a new one. 


Offers (saving offers, also for students or jobseekers are marked with DISCOUNT ):

Conditions to book is the  Starter offer  (30 min. for 19,-)

Current standard saving offer (60 min. or 45 min.):

  • (3x60  min.) - 149,- (redeem within 6 weeks)
  • (6x60 min.) - 269,- (redeem within 8 weeks)

Current DISCOUNT saving offer:

(for students, job seekers)

Only bookable on request!

  • (3x60  min.) - 120,- (redeem within 6 weeks)