The mountain guide: Ariane-Anagha

A better existence "living".


I  speak another language, you have to learn to understand. Through the understanding of my language grows your own understanding and your consciousness starts approaching the highest. The approach to the highest power you witness consciously and this experience strengthens you to go further. You have to find the strength to move to the right direction and to follow it more and more. Then all obstructing energies will fall away and new things will reveal itself. Knowing starts when you live and act accordingly, otherwise you think you know something bot in reality don't. I am well aware of my work and action. I see what brings a human being out of balance and what makes him stay there not for long. See I what is blocking and leads to disturbances and ultimately to loss,  pain, suffering and sorrows, so see I also the right ways out of it. Ways which bring you to a 100% success experience. Because I have this ability it is reasonable and wise to make it available for others and therefore a great chance for recovery. Not a mere try with the doubt if you will really feel better, but the certainty that you will feel better. Now it is up to you, if you take the chance to make your experience and to verify if your believe turned into wisdom. 


I don't speak much and you don't have to tell me anything because I see. See I what you need, what you don't see in the moment, why you are here, to see what you need. Will I bring you through your own power to the highest power, then it will be your work. Your own effort for something truly important will give you more and more energy. Needs it only your openness and willingness to let the helping hand work in you, you will already start a happier life for you.

Learn to feel the highest power, which is independent from the outside, then you will become and are truly a happier person and will also draw positive things into your life. I experience it every moment to be consciously in the highest power. So I am happy if I can teach you to find your way to it. A hand, which you can seeingly trust, but don't have to be blind only to fall down later.  


I help you to become a knowing person yourself. Now ask yourself: "do I want to become happier?" So you want, so our work may start.