Holistic health & inner power

Health coaching

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 (60 min. - 59,-) / (90 min. - 79,-) 

Current saving offer:

 (3x60 min. - 150,-) 

Seminar: Holistic health and inner power

What awaits you:

  • more energy and well being through insights into important regulations of the body
  • individual proper diet (short single session ca. 15min.)
  • balance of feelings and emotions for an effective energy management 
  • finding inner power and using it effectively in the day to day life
  • regeneration of the organism 
  • new well being and inner balance through crystal sounds and tambura sounds 
  • creating and maintaining deep relaxation 
  • specific body exercises for strengthening the immune system

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  with Dr. Vinod and Ariane-Anagha

 (10.00 to 18.00 pm), fee: 120,- Euro (jobseekers, students 85,-) 

*additional bookable: healthy lunch for 5,-

Dr. Vinod teaches since over 30 years practical methods to improve the quality of life. There he combines the knowledge from modern biology and medicine with the ancient wisdom teachings of different cultures, to show people holistic paths for lasting health, self-discovery and spiritual development. 

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