Health coaching

Do you want to receive specific and extensive support for your health? Experiencing how it feels when more life energy flows through your body? 

Then make the decision for an individual health coaching. 

Open questions which you bring along are welcome and together we will find out how to make you feel improved. 



Possible topics may be: 

  • How can I overcome my chronic fatigue and exhaustion? 
  • Is it recommended to take food supplements? 
  • Do I eat the right food?  
  • How can I strengthen my immune system?
  • With what methods is it possible to get rid of tension and stress? 
  • How can I improve my health condition lastingly? 
  • Are there effective ways to stop aging or to even rejuvenate?  
  • Individual nutrition plan  
  • Individual relaxation and fitness plan 



 (60 min. - 59,-) / (90 min. - 79,-) 

Current saving offer:

 (3x60 min. - 150,-) 


Look forward to a better health!