Coaching for pregnant women

"Through breathing power and inner power bear your child"   



Be in your breathing rhythm, which originally was yours when you were born and took the first breath with the automatic breathing impulse...  Find yourself in your individual breathing rhythm which you lost through time and create an inner balance within you. It is important that your body regains its original hidden breathing power to retrieve more energy when you need it. It is as well important, that you feel internal stable and good in order to undergo the step to birth as pleasant as possible. It does not take much, only the right tools which you can apply easily when you need them. 



The coaching prepares you to:

  • maintain inner peace and stability 
  • go prepared into the process of birth 
  • experience your breathing power before the birth and to well-aimed use it 
  • before the birth, rest in your inner power and give birth out of this power "soothing balm for mother and child"
  • for other topics e.g. to overcome anxiety see "Holistic coaching" on  

Current offers (with Ariane-Anagha) :  Starter offer (30 min.) - 19,-


Regular (package) offers:

  • (60 min.) - 39,-
  • (45 min.) - 29,-
  • package offer: (3x60 min. - 89,-) / (6x60 min. - 159,-)
  • package offer:  (3x45 min. - 79,-) / (6x45 min. - 149,-)

DISCOUNT for students/jobseekers - only on request bookable! 

  • package offer: (3x45 min. - 59,-) / or as group with minimum 3 participants 3x45 min. - 29,-

Sound cradle  for your baby after the birth up to about 4 (-6) months old on