Crystal treatment

"LIBERATION - Power of the stones"

Negative and burdensome energies will be removed from your energy system and you will feel relieved.


The healing crystal treatment gives you the chance, in a relaxing position, to get rid of weakening and negative vibrancies from your energy system (ethereally and coarse material) and to recharge your energy batteries with energizing vibrancies. By this you have the unique possibility to experience a pleasant and relaxing deep-cleansing, which will help you to become more vital and powerful. 


The healing crystal treatment is suited for almost everybody:

  • easily let go of inner pain 
  • feel lighter and strengthen your well being  
  • improve and strengten your health in general  
  • facilitate spiritual practice 
  • appreciate an enhanced energy quality 
  • recharge your energy batteries 
  • be happy! 

Offerings (with Ariane-Anagha) : Crystal treatment 

(30 min. - 39,-) / (45 min. - 49,-) /  (60 min. 59,-)

2 persons (60 min. 79,-)


Offer: Seminar (180 min. 45,-) on