Bathe in crystal, experience deep cleansing and listen to healing sounds 


Letting go successfully of weakening and negative energies!  with Ariane-Anagha  


A very special experience awaits you, which you won't forget so easily. 

In this seminar an open group coaching takes place in combination with a healing crystal treatment for everybody. 

Get in contact with your full potential and experience deep relaxation!


This offer is for almost everybody: 

  • letting go easily of inner pain 
  • become lighter and improve your well being  
  • facilitate spiritual practice 
  • appreciate an enhanced energy quality 
  • recharge your energy batteries 
  • be happy! 

Half-day seminar (with Ariane-Anagha) : 9:00-12:00 am 

Special savings offer: 45 Euro 

Registration necessary (per event max. 4 participants)