"Healing - vitalizing  - relaxing"


Tambura sound - voice sound - crystal sound 

Experience a delight of sound and let your body be filled up with powerful vibrancies.


Offerings (with Ariane-Anagha) : Crystal treatment (Body Tambura-crystal sound)

  • individual treatment (30 min. - 29,-) / (45 min. - 39,-) / couple treatment (60 min. 49,-)
  • starter individual Body-Tambura (20 min. 24,-) one time bookable at the beginning 
  • Body-Tambura with singing (30 min. - 35,-)
  • - on Rose Quartz (30 min. - 39,-) / (45 min. - 49,-) / (20 min. - 29,-) (30 min. - 45)
  • (Rose quartz intensifies your relaxation and gives you more energy)
  • Cradle of sound for babies with the Body Tambura as cradle (20 min. - 18,-)


The special and fine vibrancies flow through your body and every single cell. They are balancing and letting you relax very easily. Let the everyday life behind you and indulge yourself an enchanting sound treatment or an enchanting adventure music night to recharge and to feel better. Go to an extraordinary and unique world of sound, which touches you deeply and helps you to let go. 

Let the sound penetrate your whole body and being. Bring with a sound treatment a new vibrancy into your life. Feel how the effect of the sound pleasantly unfolds.


Body Tambura: this effective and adventurous instrument is a string instrument with an arched resonance bottom, which can be places on parts of the body or stands over the body with high arched bases creating a melody ball. In this position, also suitable for pregnant women and as well bookable for babies as sound cradle (your baby lies on the instrument and the instrument is played from below while the cradle can be softly swung). It helps your baby to get more used to this world and calms it softly.

Effect: specific vibrancies flow through your body, your energy system. It can be used for parts or the whole body, e.g. Adventure music: the whole room resonates from the sound accompanied by voice. The instrument creates overtones. 


Crystal sound: the crystal singing bowls are made of crystal glas. They create different sound vibrancies which affect every cell.

Effect: all-embracing and deep are the vibrancies of these crystal bowls.



Adventure music (group event)

 Offer: (45 min. - 10,-) / (75 min. - 18,-) 

  • Dates on request