Voice coaching

"Through the voice to yourself"

The voice is a powerful means of expression with different vibration qualities. Through the speech specific vibrancies reach the other person. Through sining we create a bigger vibrancy field which can either form harmonious vibrancies or also disturbing vibrancies which are not good for others and ourselves. 


Book one or more voice coachings for:

  • discovering and expanding your voice volume
  • solve inhibitions through your voice vibrancies
  • encourage self-confidence and presence
  • thematic specific aspects (focal points) which arise e.g. during the power singing, like having to less air for the next note, a weak sound volume or intonation problems
  • wrong voice usage which results in hoarseness, discomfort ...  

Current saving offers: 

  • voice coaching (45 min.) - 29,- 


Ariane-Anagha is a certified breath-, speech- and voice therapist with an holistic approach.