The leader Dr. Vinod  gives your life a new guiding theme: to live more livable and lighter! With practical tools he leads you to experience deep relaxation, a better health and well being. 


The mountain guide Ariane-Anagha  is the "seeing eye" of the Akademie Lebenswert (the mountain). She shows you the way to the highest power and how to come closer with your inner power and how to use it. You start to create your life from an inner richness and happiness and you learn to successfully and more easily overcome obstacles and problems which stand in your way. 



The concept

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The beginning:  You get an impulse, e.g. from a friend or flyer and you are called attention to the Akademie Lebenswert. In the middle of todays society you get the chance for an even better life. Do you take it?  Maybe. If you study the offerings from the Akademie Lebenswert more closely and get a short insight into their work. Then your path towards the Akademie Lebenswert begins.

© the drawing is copyright protected

The path:  Now you found your way to the Akademie Lebenswert and you chose specific offers which improve your quality of life. The Akademie Lebenswert here seen as a temple improves your health, well being and prepares you to go on. 


The goal:  If you decided to claim the top of the mountain, a knowing mountain guide will help you. Step by step she will reveal you the path and let you experience how your consciousness will broaden for even more knowledge and power. In this process you will find your true self, who you really are and what makes you special. You will see the highest power and you will start to create a happiness inside you, which cannot be replaces be anything. 


With every approach towards the Akademie Lebenswert you experience an enhancement of well being and you can decide how far you want to intensify the work.