Important information

The event room: a TEMPLE! 

This special room has a constant high energy-field. To maintain it and to purify it regularly from negative energies takes a lot of effort. Sensitive people will feel at once the delicate and healing energy in this wonderful room. 



  • Silence 
  • No drinking or eating 
  • No bags, jackets or cell-phones 
  • Not barefoot, only with socks

The Akademie Lebenswert makes available only a limited space for appointments. Their work is of high quality and only suitable persons are welcome.


Groups ar put together fittingly. 



General conditions: 


REGISRTATION necessary for all offerings! 


PAYMENT: The payment by transfer or cash has to be made before the start of the date offer (individual or group offering). 


  • telephone consultation available 
  • refund of a payment incurs a 10% fee of the original price 


General conditions for single offerings: 

  • arranged appointments can be canceled 24h before free of costs, otherwise the full fee has to be paid
  • single package deals are timed and must be kept (e.g. weekly, within 4 weeks), otherwise the arranged appointment will expire
  • exceptions can be made when cancelling 24h before and it it fits in the timeline, e.g. within 4 weeks


General conditions for courses/groups: 

  • cancellations one week before the course starts 50% of the total fee becomes due, after that the total fee becomes due and will not be reimbursed 
  • if not in attendance an alternative date may be offered free of charge, depending on the number of dates 


General conditions for evening events

  • cancellations 3 days before start is free of charge, otherwise the total fee must be paid 


General conditions for retreats/seminars: 

  • cancellations 1 week before the start will be charged with 50% of the total fee,  after that the total amount is due


Gerann conditons for the power breathing "gatherings":

  • cancellations 3 days before is free of charge, after that the total amount is due  


Dropouts from single package deals, courses as well as multi-day events and single offerings, the already paid total fee will not be reimbursed. 



Additional information:


Gift cards / credit notes have to be used within 6 months, after that they are no longer valid.

Gift cards cannot be reimbursed.