Starter coaching

*Inner power and holistic well-being*

Choose the right tools which will successfully support you on your current life journey  

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Current saving offer: one-time bookable!

 (30 min. - 19,-) 



Power singing

"Through the voice to yourself"

with Ariane-Anagha & Dr. Vinod

You can expect: 

  • specific voice teachings (by specialists: breathing             and voice teacher)
  • selected body exercises, also for relaxation
  • singing of powerful songs  ... read on

Fee: on donation basis! (group event)

  • Dates on request

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*Vitalizing and deep relaxation*

  • individual treatment Body-Tambura (20 min. - 24,-)
  • special on Rosenquarz (20 min.- 29,-)
  • a wonderful instrument which is placed directly on your body (front or back) and which creates a delicate magic sound inside you on


Adventure music

"Feel light and get enchanted" with A.-A.

An inspiring adventure to be carried in a sheer sound delight. 

Tambura sounds - Voice sounds - Crystal sounds on

 (group event)

 Current saving offer  for 2 persons: (75 min. Adventure music - 28,-) 

(75 min. - 18,-) 

  • Dates on request